Park Farm Fisheries
A message from your webmaster: When submitting photos of monsters that you have lured into your arms from the deep, please write the caption in full. I am not a fisherman, and I do not know any of you, so if you do not tell me I can only guess. James is in charge of selecting the photos for inclusion on this page, and I am responsible for displaying them.

Gary, 24.1 lb, carp lake, 16/06/13


Mitchell Bannister, 20lbs 5oz, carp lake, 12/11/11

Kris Acciaccarelli, 16lb 7oz common carp, carp lake, 15/04/2013

Michael Pospisil, 7lb 6oz Tench, Carp Lake 9th June 2011

Paul Turturici, 31st July 2011, Carp Lake, 22lbs Mirror

Peter Bushnell, 26lb 7oz mirror carp 02-06-2011

Brandon Bushnell, 16lb 8oz mirror carp 03-06-2011

Paul, 25lb mirror, Carp Lake, Sept 2009

Paul, 19lb mirror, Carp Lake, Sept 2009

Chris, 28lb Mirror, Carp Lake, 1-7-2010

Richard, 20lb 5oz Mirror, Carp Lake, May 2010

Paul, 15lb common, Carp Lake, Sept 2009

Paul, 16lb mirror, Carp Lake, June 2009

Jordan Turrell, 10lb common, Leisure Lake, August 2009

Jordan Turrell, 16lb mirror, Leisure Lake, August 2009

Mitchell Inglis,10lb common, Leisure Lake, August 2009

Steven, 22lb common, Leisure Lake, March 2009

Matt Freeman, 16lb mirror, leisure lake, Aug 2009

Tony Oke, 18 pound mirror, 16th October 2009

Gary Fowler, Carp Lake, 21lb, July 2nd 2008
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Gary Fowler, Carp Lake, 20lb July 1st 2008

Gaz, Carp Lake, 13th April 2010, 23lb 8oz Mirror

Paul Hedger, 26.5lb May 2010